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While transporting a heavy & specialised cargo, safety comes first and always. Through Nabros any cargo, irrespective of its size or weight, can be safely transported to any part of India. Be it a single over-dimensional shipment, multi-load project shipment that utilises various modes of transportation, long-term complex project or shifting of a plant, Nabros is capable of providing turn-key solutions for all cargo.
Efficient & Safe  
Heavy & specialised transportation involves meticulous planning, handling multiple processes, and co-ordinating with local vendors. Plus managing and monitoring several contact points becomes a pre-requisite, both before the transit and during the journey.
With an experience of handling various projects for many years and effectively navigating through the challenges presented by cargo of large magnitude, we have developed a fine-tuned system to ensure the safe journey of over-dimensional and over-weight cargo.
An Impeccable Track Record  
Nabros holds an unblemished record of handling diverse cargo of large volume - safely within a stipulated time frame, in a professional manner, using the right equipment, methodology and strictly adhering to the diktat of transport engineering. We adhere to tested and proven methods acceptable to the most demanding clients, statutory authorities and Government bodies among others.